Latest annual review of the state of aggregates replenishment in Great Britain published

BDS has recently published the report “Aggregates Replenishment in Great Britain – Annual State of the Industry 2022”, the fifth iteration of the survey which helps operating companies, investors and industry observers gain a clear picture of the how the industry is managing the balance between extracted material and their replenishment with new reserves. The report provides a focus on outputs and planning activity in 2022 as well as providing trends and analysis over the nine-year period 2014-2022.

Outputs of Sand & Gravel and Crushed Rock are shown to have exceeded the level of newly consented reserves in the most recent year, with less than two tonnes of new reserves consented for every three tonnes extracted.

Over 50 planning consents were granted in the year, for around 104 million tonnes of new aggregates, split 2:1 in favour of Crushed Rock tonnes versus Sand & Gravel.

The report provides BDS estimates of annual aggregate outputs, consented reserves tonnage information and BDS-calculated replenishment ratios for Sand & Gravel and Crushed Rock (hardstone, limestone and sandstone) in Great Britain and outlines key data to support the operational and strategic activity of the industry. Additionally, the report identifies areas of opportunities for new activity and provides thought and consideration for the future of aggregate replenishment.

To find out more about the ‘Aggregates Replenishment Industry in Great Britain – Annual state of the Industry 2022’ Report or to purchase a copy of the report please email