Would knowing about Local Authority contracts help your business?

If you are interested in Local Authority Contracts for Great Britain, you may like to know that BDS have just published its latest suite of contract reports for 2023.

The reports are produced annually and cover municipal contracts for waste and multi-disciplinary activities across Great Britain. The reports identify the current status of local authority contracts and each report, as a minimum, includes contract information by authority, contract duration (including any extensions) and contractor name.

The 2023 reports are an essential read for companies looking for new contract opportunities and feedstocks; suppliers of plant, products and services looking to increase sales; and industry observers and companies looking to enter or expand their presence in the market.

The BDS contract reports are in their 16th year of publication and can be supplied as either as a suite of contracts or as separate reports. The list of 2023 reports and the number of contracts within each report can be seen below:

Municipal Waste Contracts

•             Household Waste Treatment (~980 contracts)

•             Disposal For Household Waste (~300 contracts)

•             Residual Waste Collection (~375 contracts)

•             Recyclate Waste Collection (~385 contracts)

Multi-Disciplinary Activities Contacts

•             Grounds Maintenance (~400 contracts)

•             Street Cleaning (~370 contracts)

•             Leisure Facility Management (~400 contracts)

•             Highways Term Maintenance (~300 contracts)

To find out more or to purchase any of the above reports please email contact@bdsmarketing.co.uk