Aggregate industry outputs and movement of aggregates from rail depots for 2022

BDS annually produce a suite of reports to provide estimates of outputs and market shares for varying industry sectors. The latest published reports are for the aggregates market and include ‘Estimated Outputs of Aggregate Sites in Great Britain’ and ‘Estimated Outputs of Aggregates moved by Rail Depots in Great Britain’. Each report provides analysis and estimates down to individual site level, summarised at county, regional and national levels including market shares by company.

The ‘Estimated Outputs of Aggregate Sites in Great Britain’ report, published for over 25 years, provides estimates of outputs of operating pits & quarries and marine wharves in Great Britain in 2022. The report identifies over 700 aggregate sites with BDS estimating the total aggregate outputs for 2022 to be ~177 million tonnes. Crushed rock contributed a share of 66% with the remainder divided between land-won sand & gravel (26%) and marine won sand & gravel (8%).

The latest report confirms Tarmac as the largest producer of aggregates in Great Britain and, along with four other key producers, of aggregates in Great Britain (Aggregate Industries, Hanson, Breedon and CEMEX) their combined market share equated to ~71% of the total market. In 2022, the GB aggregates market was recognised by BDS to be the strongest overall in the East Midlands. By aggregate type, East of England was the largest producer for land won sand & gravel, South East for marine won sand & gravel and East Midlands for crushed rock.

The ‘Estimated Movement of Aggregates to Rail Depots (2022) in Great Britain’ report estimates there were over 80 rail depots operational in Great Britain in 2022 receiving more than 21 million tonnes of aggregates. Sixteen aggregates companies were involved in the movement of rail-borne primary aggregates in 2022 with Tarmac operating the highest number of rail depots throughout Great Britain. The South East accounted for the importation of ~45% of all rail moved aggregates and a further ~41% of the overall market share was combined between East of England, Yorkshire & the Humber, North West.

Other reports, produced by BDS, as part of the suite of outputs reports include:

•             Estimated Outputs of Asphalt Plants in Great Britain

•             Estimated Outputs of Ready Mix Concrete companies in Great Britain

•             Estimated Outputs of Concrete Product Plants in Great Britain covering each of

  • Building Blocks, Concrete Block Paving, and Paving

To find out more about the any of the 2022 annual outputs reports produced by BDS or to purchase a copy of a report please email More information on the suite of outputs reports can be found on the BDS Website.