Despite a small fall in the market in 2017, more than 25 million tonnes of asphalt were produced in Great Britain in the year. We expect there to be a small improvement in overall demand this year and through to the early part of the next decade as major infrastructure projects and road schemes are delivered. The asphalt sector continues to provide a valuable added value product for many aggregates companies.

BDS publishes an annual report that lists the estimated outputs of all companies in the industry. These are used by companies to monitor their market share with their competitors. Potential investors in the sector use the information to assess possible development opportunities. A major European study on asphalt is published every two years.

Much of our published information is not available elsewhere and is an independent analysis of the asphalt industry.

Planned developments are monitored and reported for all companies in this sector.

For details of all of the reports please use the appropriate links. If these do not meet your requirements, then we can undertake bespoke work for you as required.

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