This bi-annual report, published for the first time in 2007, was updated most recently in 2018 and lists the estimated output of all works manufacturing paving slabs in Great Britain, by company and location. Information was obtained by contacting every company in the industry to discuss our draft estimates prior to publication. This report is the only publicly available source on the estimated outputs and shares of paving slab companies. Details of around 60 manufacturing plants are included.

The report includes:
– Analysis of trends in the market.
– Estimated company market shares and a comparison with previous years.
– Details of any recent plant closures and planned new plants.
– Assessment of recent acquisitions and changes in plant ownership.
– An independent four year forecast for the block paving market.

The survey will be of vital use to all manufacturers to identify market trends and competitor market shares. Plant and equipment suppliers will be able to target potential new business.

Separate reports cover building block plants and concrete block paving plants.

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