There continues to be little in the way of publicly available information on the mortar industry in Great Britain. BDS publishes a bi-annual report on the estimated market shares of mortar companies. Information is obtained by contacting every company in the industry to discuss our draft estimates prior to publication. The report was most recently updated in November 2018.

The report focusses on all factory-produced mortar including dry silo and ready-to-use mortars. Mortar that is mixed on site is excluded.

Outputs are included for each company at plant level by county, region and nationally.

The report includes information on any recently closed plants and those that will start production shortly. Normally published for Great Britain, the report can be made available by region if required.

As well as a valuable asset to mortar companies, the report will be of use to suppliers of equipment, materials and services seeking to identify market opportunities and as a background to the mortar industry.

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