The latest annual report that lists the estimated outputs of Pits & Quarries and Marine Wharves in Great Britain was published in Q4 2020.

This is an annual report that identifies the estimated outputs of all known land won sand and gravel pits, marine wharves and crushed rock quarries in Great Britain. It has been published annually since 1990. A separate report covers Northern Ireland. The crushed rock quarries are broken down into limestone, hardstone and sandstone. The report is available in total or by individual regions.

Details of sites that have closed, opened or are due to start operation shortly, are included in the report. A separate analysis identifies industry acquisitions and other changes since the report was last published. Analysis of planning activity for new reserves is also included.

The tables are sorted by county within regions, with national summaries. Output figures are based on interviews with the companies concerned. Our total county figures are close to Government statistics.

This is the only published source of information on quarry outputs. It is widely used by aggregates companies to assess their market share and monitor competitor activity. Suppliers of equipment, products and services can identify the larger sites and companies, and target potential new business.

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